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Scan Solutions
Tracking & Reporting

A legally recognized electronic signing platform that enables both registered users and external parties to seamlessly create, sign, share, and submit documents from a single dashboard.


Users can scan hardcopy documents from Brother devices supporting Easy Scan to Email directly into TrueSign where they’re ready to be securely sent and / or signed. Documents include business agreements, HR, legal or insurance forms, applications, and more.

TrueSign is developed as a Cloud application that integrates directly into an organization’s business process. Certified, compliant, and time stamped, TrueSign eSignatures leave zero end-user footprint, allowing for users to electronically manage signing needs with confidence. This scan-to-sign functionality can also be applied 24/7 from any location via text, email, or QR code.

Use Case

Environments requiring real-time and secure electronic or digital signatures for contracts, agreements, HR documents, court orders, and more.

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