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Infrastructure Optimization Assessment MSRP: $999.99 plus Travel  |  SKU: BRIOA

Brother Value Service & Solutions
Tracking & Reporting

Brother conducts an audit of select business locations, maps out the devices in a floor plan, and recommends a cost-effective solution.


Brother offers a print monitoring tool that a business can install and use for 30 days.

Brother then conducts an audit of select business locations and maps out the devices in a floor plan. The Brother team collects financial and usage data and creates a 36-60 month Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) projection, recommends cost-effective solutions, and demonstrates ROI.

Use Case

Request a fleet assessment to be performed in preparation for an upcoming printer and copier contract expiration or for exploratory purposes.

Advise on a balanced deployment approach and optimize print, copy and scan devices, placing the correct equipment in the optimal location based on the number of users and printing habits.

Use best practices to streamline internal operations to help remove bottlenecks for the average and complex printing environments. Provide reasonable justifications for changing print/copy/scan equipment.