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Fax Forward to Cloud or Email

Built-In Solutions
Cloud-Based Solutions

Automatically forward incoming faxes to a defined cloud service or email address*.


Convenient built-in feature within Brother Apps that forwards incoming fax documents to a defined cloud service such as Google Drive, OneDrive, OneNote, or Evernote®. A user can also choose to forward incoming faxes to a designated email address using the Easy Scan to Email feature.

This solution enables a user to view received fax documents from virtually anywhere, while helping to reduce paper waste.

A user can also combine features to have the machine send an email notification that a Fax was forwarded to a cloud service.

Use Case

Environments that require an improved workflow for receiving faxes and forwarding to the cloud or an email address.

* Requires Internet connection. Fax Forward to Cloud requires an account with the desired cloud service.

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This solution works with:

Color Laser - Enterprise

Color Laser - SMB

Digital Color – Small Office

Mono Laser - Enterprise

Mono Laser – SMB