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Special Solutions Team (SST) MSRP: $149.99 / Hour  |  SKU: BRPROSERV

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The Brother Special Solutions Team (SST) assesses a business' unique needs and develops customized solutions to meet those needs.


The SST team will work to design, test, and deliver an out-of-box solution that meets unique business needs.

Examples of SST solutions include:

  • Automating device deployment, including configuring advanced feature settings, capture device information, and disabling features/interfaces
  • Developing a Custom User Interface and preconfiguring shortcuts

Use Case

Environments that have specific configuration/deployment requirements and document management needs.

Applicable to all verticals and industries.

This solution works with:

Color Laser - SMB

Digital Color – Small Office

Mono Laser - Enterprise

Mono Laser – SMB


Label Printers