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Tracking & Reporting

Enables tracking, charging, and billing of copying, printing, and faxing.


Monitor and control copying and printing. Enable quotas, charging, and cost allocations. Bill and account by user, department, cost-center, and project.

Allows for complete and effective control of the printing environment, including:

  • Security
  • Rules Based Printing
  • Optimization
  • Job Accounting
  • Sharing Documents
  • Mobile Printing

Integrated solution with a Brother device, with no external release stations required.

Can be used with the built-in NFC card reader for user authentication, saving the cost of an external third-party reader. Brother models can also support external readers via a USB host interface.

Use Case

Environments requiring print accounting, print control, and/or secure release. Includes legal, financial services, and education.

Requires additional purchase.

This solution works with:

Color Laser - Enterprise

Color Laser - SMB

Digital Color – Small Office

Mono Laser - Enterprise

Mono Laser – SMB